[Party of Five]

you win some, you lose some

As Bailey finds a sponsor at AA. Justin celebrates being accepted at Yale by planning to spend the summer in Europe. And Julia stuns Griffin by telling him she's going along, too. Then, as Sarah announces that she's breaking up with her new boyfriend, Bailey takes it as a sign that she wants to met back together. But he suffers a setback when Mrs. Reeves announces that her daughter will be going east for college come fall. Meanwhile. as Charlie is hurt when she doesn't want any kids at her election night party, Grace learns he was ready to marry Kirsten even though she couldn't have children. And as Griffin worries about losing Julia, Grace wants to know why she's being held to a different standard.

As Bailey struggles with giving up alcohol and Sarah at the same time, Charlie sees more evidence of Grace's unease with children. While admitting he could live without ever having kids of their own, he's ready to call off their relationship because she doesn't even want the ones he already has. Meanwhile, as Julia decides not to risk their relationship over the trip, Griffin proposes getting married now. And while Bailey is upset over her going away, Sarah reveals her plans to attend college just a few minutes away.

When Julia and Griffin announce their marriage. Bailey finds the gesture inspiring. But Sarah sees it as a mistake she would never make and insists that she and Bailey can only ever be friends. Knowing there's little he can do to change Julia's mind, Charlie realizes that he and Grace are breaking up just as she is elected to city council. So. with Julia leaving home for good, Charlie gives her their mother's wedding ring.


As Julia is invited to spend the summer in Europe with Justin and Bailey learns Sarah is going away to college, Charlie's relationship with Grace is tested by her unwillingness to have children. Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser and Lisa Melamed & P.K. Simonds
© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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