[Party of Five]

a little faith

As Julia and Griffin head off on a road trip together, the hectic campaign schedule takes its toll, forcing Charlie to step in when Grace takes sick during a live television appearance. So, when Claudia needs a chaperone for a music competition and Charlie cannot go, Bailey offers to take her to Los Angeles and a planned meeting with their grandfather, Jake. Finding himself with too much time on his hands back at the hotel, Bailey gets drunk and is forced to explain to Jake when he forgets to pick up Claudia at her rehearsal. Meanwhile. Grace's plans for her campaign are thrown into question when she suspects she's pregnant.

Despite his apologies, Claudia cannot overlook Bailey's slide back into alcohol. Following her performance, Claudia and Bailey then learn that their grandfather has cancer. And while Jake claims that his religious faith is seeing him through his fatal illness, Bailey will have none of it for himself. Meanwhile, after being forced back home by mechanical problems, Julia is anxious to get on with their trip, while Griffin decides to buy the motorcycle shop where his bike is being repaired.

As Charlie offers to marry Grace if that's what she wants, despite questions about his ability to run a business, Julia decides to help Griffin realize his dream of buying the motorcycle shop. And while Grace is relieved when she's not really pregnant, Charlie is disappointed to learn that she never wants any children. Finally, as Charlie questions his future with Grace, Bailey decides to give AA another chance.


While chaperoning Claudia in Los Angeles, Bailey resumes drinking, Charlie discovers Grace doesn't want children; and Julia must decide whether to help Griffin realize a dream.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Chris Levinson and Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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