[Party of Five]

promises, promises

While Claudia is tired of the disruption Grace's city council campaign has caused at home, Julia is intrigued by Griffin's offer to share his insurance settlement. And as Bailey turns to Sarah for help in dealing with his alcoholism, Callie offers to help, too. And while doing his best to accept his roommate's generosity, Bailey discovers that Sarah has started seeing someone else. After abandoning her date with Drew, Sarah makes it clear that Bailey has to start taking responsibility for himself.

Challenged by Callie about relationship with Sarah, Bailey announces that he's moving out. Angry over being shut out, Callie then approaches Sarah, who admits she has no interest in a romantic relationship with Bailey. Meanwhile, as Julia's lax classroom attendance worries Griffin, Claudia is upset when Grace uses Owen to burnish her image for the campaign.

As Griffin warns Julia about giving up on school, Claudia tells Grace that a newspaper reporter wants to see her with Owen at a museum. And once Grace gets upset after it turns out to be a hoax, Claudia offers it as proof that she doesn't care about anything but the campaign. While Charlie offers to prove Claudia wrong with a family vacation after the election, he's forced to reconsider when Grace won't make any promises. Then, as Griffin convinces Julia that he liked her better when she was serious about school, Bailey enlists Sarah to help him move, only to find that going home has done nothing to dissuade her from dating Drew.


As Grace's campaign continues to create havoc at the Salingers, Bailey decides to move back home; Julia's lax attitude about school concerns Griffin, while Sarah meets someone new.

Directed by: Lou Antonio
Written by: Mark B. Perry

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