[Party of Five]

Leap of Faith

As his accident with Sarah shocks Bailey into doing something about his alcoholism, Grace decides that working on a housing project would be just the thing for her and Charlie to spend more time together. But once a chance to run for city council comes up, she decides that Charlie's work on the project wouldn't look good for her candidacy. Then, after his lawyer gets him a $100.000 settlement for his injury, Griffin's dad is suddenly interested in him again. And while Julia encourages re-establishing contact, she begins to suspect that all Major Holbrook really wants is money for a new business. Meanwhile. at his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Bailey is surprised to see Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed his parents.

As Grace decides to run her campaign out of the Salinger home, Charlie begins to see that their relationship is going to take a back seat to her political ambitions. And it doesn't take long for Claudia to see how much it's going to disrupt everyone else's lives, too. Meanwhile, after following her advice by patching things up with his dad, Griffin is stunned when Julia questions Major Holbrook's motives. And when Bailey decides that Walter's presence is too much for him, he shocks everyone by announcing that he's quitting A.A.

When Charlie fields a call from a newspaper reporter, he suddenly finds himself caught up in the excitement of Grace's campaign. Impressed with his interest, Grace decides to start seeking Charlie's advice. After seeing just what Julia saw in her dad, Griffin decides that going into business wouldn't be the right thing to do. Finally, after heading back home for some companionship, Bailey realizes he's going to need a lot of help if he's going to beat his alcoholism.


A big insurance settlement leads Griffin's father to ask for money; Grace decides to run for office; and Bailey encounters the unexpected at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Directed by: Susannah Grant
Written by: Lisa Melamed

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