[Party of Five]

hitting bottom

Even as he preaches maintaining a hard line, Charlie can't help but wonder what his younger brother is up to. And when Bailey makes matters worse by failing to show up for a big wrestling match, he turns to Callie for support. But even she admits that his drinking has gotten out of hand. Meanwhile. as Claudia's search for information about their father leads to Avery, Griffin suddenly returns after an injury cost him his seaman's job. However, when Julia encourages him to sue, they are divided over the shady lawyer he's chosen to argue his case.

As he's picking up Owen from school, Charlie finds that Bailey got there first. While his siblings wait and worry, Bailey treats his little brother to an afternoon of fun. And once they return, Charlie attacks him for drinking while with their little brother. As Julia seeks comfort in Griffin's arms, Charlie complains about the unflattering portrait Avery painted of their dad. But Avery makes perfectly clear that the version he told Claudia was far from the whole truth.

As Claudia blames their dad for all that's happening, Sarah's refusal to leave Bailey alone ends in a car accident that puts her in the hospital. As Charlie struggles to get word of Sarah's condition, Bailey turns to drinking to cope. Meanwhile, Julia spends the night with Griffin, convincing him that all she really wants is to stay together, no matter what. And while Charlie blames Bailey for all that's gone wrong, Claudia continues to insists that the fault is really their father's. Finally, as Charlie struggles to change Claudia's mind, Bailey arrives at the hospital to ask Sarah for help.


Bailey's drinking endangers Owen and puts Sarah in the hospital; Griffin returns to find Julia's situation has changed; Claudia blames their late father for all the family's problems.

Directed by: Dennie Gordon
Written by: P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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