[Party of Five]

the intervention

Under the guise of a family dinner, Bailey's siblings invite him to the restaurant to confront him about his alcoholism. When he doesn't show, Claudia is recruited to lure her brother home by claiming Owen has been seriously hurt. However, what Bailey finds are Charlie, Julia, Claudia, Sarah and Grace all waiting for him. When Callie leaves him there without a ride, he's forced to confront the accusations head on. So he strikes back, reminding Julia about her own pregnancy and her decision not to attend college and Sarah about their failed attempts at sex before turning on Charlie, telling Grace about his history of infidelity.

As Bailey ignores their protests, Charlie turns to Grace to explain his younger brother's charges. And while she doesn't think it's a good time to discuss them, Grace is clearly troubled by Charlie's past. Then, as Julia tries to get Sarah to stay, Bailey calls Callie for a ride, but is surprised when their father's former business partner, Joe, shows up instead. And when things turn ugly between Bailey and his older brother, Joe stuns the Salingers with news that their father was also an alcoholic, one who struggled with drinking for the last 18 years of his life.

While the Salingers find some common ground in denying their dad had a problem, Joe reminds them of what life was like at home and they begin to see he could be right. Then, despite Sarah's efforts to help, Bailey claims that news of his dad's alcoholism has clarified things for him. And as Charlie and the others come to grips with the devastating truth, Bailey embraces his own drinking problem and decides to live his life as a drunk.


The Salingers band together to confront Bailey about his alcoholism. Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser
© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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