[Party of Five]

point of no return

As the family prepares for Owen's birthday party, Sam offers to join Julia for a summer vacation in Europe. And when Claudia discovers that Avery's reclusive son has come to live with him, she offers to show Marcus the town. Meanwhile, Grace isn't excited about the prospect of her own parent's upcoming visit, but Charlie wants to make them feel welcome. However, after inviting them to the restaurant, Charlie must bring Owen along after Bailey doesn't show to baby-sit. Then, as Julia suspects Sam of making a racist comment, Bailey buys drinks with the money he was given to hire a clown for party.

While sure they'll disapprove, Grace doesn't know how to react when her mom and dad like the house and Charlie. But when Rose and Martin offer to help with the birthday party, and Charlie is more than willing to accept their generosity, she thinks it's just another attempt to meddle in her life. Meanwhile, after getting both sympathy and cash from Julia, Bailey's trip to buy a gift for Owen ends at a liquor store. And after Sam tries to dismiss his racist remarks as a misunderstanding, Julia decides their relationship must end.

Arriving drunk, Bailey attempts to fill in for the clown himself. But after scaring Owen's guests, he barely avoids a fight with Charlie before being put to bed. And when Rose and Martin suggest Bailey has a problem with alcohol, Charlie now agrees that they are meddling, only to find that, this time, Grace agrees with her parents. Finally, when Sarah drops off a gift for Owen, she and Julia are surprised to find that Bailey has disappeared, while Claudia heads off to spend some time with Marcus on her own.


Bailey's drinking disrupts Owen's birthday party; Grace bristles at the arrival of her parents; Julia suspects Sam of harboring racist views; Claudia offers to help Avery's teenage son feel more at home.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Susannah Grant

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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