[Party of Five]

misery loves company

When said to speak with her counselor about not attending college, Julia discovers she's been ambushed whcn Charlie arrives, too. And when he insists that she enroll or request a deferment, Julia moves in with Sam. Upset after breaking up with his college girlfriend, Will returns home to regroup. However, after Bailey talks him into forgetting his troubles by getting drunk, Will isn't so sure it's the right choice. Meanwhile, just when they decide to finally spend the night together, Grace and Charlie find her apartment has been destroyed by a fire.

When Charlie insists that she come home with him, after only one night on the couch, he asks Grace to start sleeping with him, too. With things at home degenerating fast, Claudia warns Julia against completely abandoning her responsibilities to the family. But instead of coming home to care for Owen, Julia brings him to Sam's. And when Charlie and Claudia arrive to take them home, Julia won't budge. Meanwhile, an encounter with Sarah leads Will to conclude that Bailey is drinking way too much. Yet, after Sarah refuses to help, Will decides to speak with Bailey himself.

Refusing Claudia's plea to return home and patch things up between their feuding brother and sister, Bailey then turns on Will, too. After making peace with his friend, Bailey heads back to his apartment to study, only to be seduced by Callie. As Claudia seeks comfort in caring for her baby brother, Sam decides that Julia must first work out her own problems at home before moving in with him. But when Julia returns home, she finds Claudia is cold and distant. Finally, after realizing that she lost almost everything in the fire, Grace is persuaded by Charlie's sincerity to move in on a permanent basis.


A fire lands Grace at the Salinger's just as Julia moves out to escape a domineering Charlie: Will arrives home unexpectedly to find Bailey's been drinking too much.

Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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