[Party of Five]

i declare

As Charlie and Grace tentatively move forward with their romance, Claudia discovers that Ross has been dating a teacher at her school. And while giving advice to a troubled gay student, she also makes Mr. Archer's homosexuality public. Meanwhile, as Julia is accepted at Stanford, Bailey finds he needs an outstanding English paper to stay off academic probation and keep his spot on the wrestling team. But his resolve is tested when Callie throws a party that results in their landlord demanding they move out. And while Charlie confounds Grace with his desire to take things slow, Julia questions going to Stanford.

When Sam suggests doing whatever she wants, Julia decides to turn down her college admission to pursue a job, though Charlie thinks she only wants to take the summer off before starting school in the fall. Meanwhile. when confronted about exposing Paul, Claudia suggests Ross think twice about dating someone who's still in the closet. And as he's trying his best to finish his paper, Bailey follows Callie's example by trying to do it while drunk.

To help diffuse the sexual tension, Charlie brings Owen along to the community center where he's helping Grace. But when her grandmother takes the youngster out for something to eat, Grace and Charlie are left alone to explore their passion. Overhearing her and Sarah. Charlie is stunned to learn Julia has no intention of starting at Stanford and blames Sam for the decision. Finally, when his efforts to produce a good paper end in disaster, Bailey takes an incomplete to avoid probation, while Grace gives Charlie time to get comfortable with their new relationship.


Julia makes an unexpected decision about college, as Claudia exposes a gay teacher; Charlie and Grace struggle with their a new relationship as Bailey attempts to keep from being thrown off the wrestling team.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Chris Levinson

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