[Party of Five]

significant others

As Julia talks Sam into taking her to a party where she learns he was once engaged to be married, Bailey meets with some unexpected success at wrestling. Despite Coach Petrocelli's doubts, Bailey decides to enter a big all star wrestling tournament with only two days to prepare. However, after his first workout ends abruptly, he jeopardizes his training by getting drunk. Meanwhile, after reluctantly agreeing to attend a banquet honoring his participation in the food bank program, Charlie finds himself acting as the go between for Grace and a handsome aide to the mayor.

When Sam insists that Julia join him and his ex-fiancee for dinner, he cannot hide his disappointment when Karen announces her engagement. Once Julia suggests he's still attached to Karen, Sam tries to prove that the relationship is over by proposing an impromptu weekend skiing trip. Yet, when confronted about his motives, Sam admits that he doesn't yet have strong feelings for Julia. Meanwhile, after accepting an invitation to spend an evening at Charlie's house, Grace cancels in order to attend a benefit concert with Michael Garber.

As Callie starts looking for another roommate, Petrocelli decides Bailey isn't ready for the tournament. However, Bailey insists that he has to wrestle and, after issuing a last minute invitation to his family, he convinces Claudia to come. Surprising everyone by winning his first match, Bailey then risks losing Claudia's support when he chooses to celebrate his victory with his teammates and not her. Finally, as Sam and Julia agree to try for a better start, Charlie asks Grace to stop seeing Michael.


As Charlie finds he's attracted to Grace, Julia faces difficult choices in her relationship with Sam; Bailey finds unexpected success at wrestling.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: P.K. Simonds

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