[Party of Five]

life's too short

As Bailey tries keeping Sarah happy by finding another apartment, Charlie prepares for his high school class reunion. Despite some last minute reservations, he agrees to join classmates T.J. Jensen and Aaron Hughes to break into their old school's gym where they reenact winning the city basketball championship 10 years ago. Meanwhile, shortly after learning of a friend's early admission to Harvard, Julia and Justin get word of her suicide. As Julia and Justin struggle with both grief and guilt, Sarah turns to Bailey seeking comfort following Libby Dwyer's death.

After raising the issue of his living with Callie, Bailey unwittingly makes things worse by getting Sarah a fake ID for her birthday. And when he takes her out to a club so she can use it, she ends up dancing with another man. Meanwhile, Charlie is reunited with Lori Giovanni, a woman he unsuccessfully pressured for sex while in high school. But, after Aaron rekindles a long-simmering dispute with T.J, Charlie discovers he and Lori slept together back in high school.

As Julia searches for answers, Libby's mother gives her some private journals which reveal that her daughter collapsed under the pressure of getting into Harvard. Then, as Julia delivers a touching remembrance at the funeral, Bailey arrives determined to give Sarah the time she needs to heal, only to find that she wants to break up for good. Finally, as Charlie's memories of an idealized past are shattered by its harsh realities, Julia hopes she can avoid the pressure that destroyed her friend.


A high school reunion reveals some long-held secrets in Charlie's past; a friends suicide causes Julia and Sarah to reexamine their own lives.

Directed by: Eric Jewett
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser and Lisa Melamed

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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