[Party of Five]

desperate measures

Leaving Claudia and Owen with Julia. Charlie heads for Chicago where Kirsten gives him reason to believe things between have healed. And when she suggests going home with him, Charlie agrees to drive Kirsten to San Francisco without telling Ellie first. Meanwhile, despite Claudia's complaints about a stomach ache, Julia insists that she baby-sit Owen so she can go skiing with Sam. But, as Julia is making all the arrangements, Claudia is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis.

Although he tries using wrestling as an excuse to not have sex, Sarah finds Bailey with a hangover from a drinking binge and learns of his sexual relationship with Callie. Told that his sister is sick, Bailey then gets his roommate to drive him to the hospital. Meanwhile, only after they are well on their way to California do Charlie and Kirsten call Ellie, who warns against the move. Yet, as Kirsten's condition worsens without her medication, Charlie faces the fact that he's the problem and takes her home to her mom and dad.

As Claudia gives Julia the cold shoulder, Sarah arrives at the hospital where she confronts Callie. Tracking her down at home to apologize, Bailey discovers Sarah is hurting but still in love. Then, as Claudia's anger with her begins to thaw, Julia realizes she can salvage her relationships with Sam and her family. Finally, as Bailey and Sarah struggle to put their damaged relationship back on track. Charlie returns Kirsten to her worried parents, still unaware of the turmoil that embroiled the family in his absence.


With Charlie in Chicago to see Kirsten, Julia tries to slip off to be with Sam; Bailey tells Sarah the truth about his relationship with Callie.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Mark B. Perry

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