[Party of Five]

i do

After Julia is told that a romantic relationship with Sam is out of the question, Sarah grows increasingly uncomfortable over Bailey's friendship with Callie. To calm her, Bailey encourages Callie to join Sarah's cousin on a blind date. Already unnerved by the approach of the anniversary of his aborted wedding to Kirsten, things don't improve for Charlie when Joe arrives at the restaurant to announce that he's getting married -- almost exactly one year to the day after his own. Meanwhile, after Grace agrees to be his date at Joe's wedding, Charlie lectures Julia about her seeing Sam again.

After the blind date fails to deflect Callie's attention, Sarah tries using sex to breathe life into her flagging relationship, only to be surprised when Bailey can't perform. As Sarah turns to Julia for help, Bailey finds that Charlie is too preoccupied to listen to him. Then, as their own strained attempts at facing up to their problems are interrupted by a toast to the bride and groom, Bailey and Sarah watch with the other guests as Charlie struggles with his own cascading emotions.

As Julia leaves mid-way through the wedding to tell Sam just how she feels, Grace insists that whatever Charlie is looking for right now, she can't provide it. Then, as Sam suddenly returns to the Salinger's house to check on the work, Bailey finds himself back in his apartment sharing a bottle of champagne with Callie before slipping into bed together. Finally, Charlie tries to come to grips with his feelings by making plans to see Kirsten in Chicago.


The anniversary of his wedding disaster hits Charlie hard; Sarah decides to use sex to revive her flagging relationship with Bailey.

Directed by: Ellen Pressman
Written by: Lisa Melamed & P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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