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After walking in on a sexual assault in her room, Bailey is surprised when Callie insists she doesn't need any help. Although refusing to report the attack, Callie tearfully asks Bailey to skip his date with Sarah and stay with her instead. Distracted by Julia's questions, Sam forgets to put a tarp back over the roof before leaving for the day, only to have it rain unexpectedly. And as Claudia is asked to give advice to the lovelorn in her school's newspaper, Charlie agrees to be Grace's date at a big fund-raiser after making it clear that he's uncomfortable in her rough and tumble neighborhood.

When Charlie demands that he repair the water damage for free, Sam claims that it was at least partly Julia's fault and offers to split the cost instead. So. after telling her brother that Sam has agreed to his terms, Julia then turns around and tells Sam that Charlie will pay while using her own money to keep him on the job. However, Sam's next encounter with Charlie forces Julia to tell him the truth. Then, after learning of the assault, Sarah suggests spending some time comforting Callie, and even that she speak with Bailey about it. But once Bailey helps her find the strength to report the attack, Callie's story is questioned by the campus police.

With everyone assuming that they are dating, Grace decides to try and advance things with Charlie. But she's surprised when he recoils from her kiss, claiming he's involved with someone else. And when Bailey's efforts start to infringe upon their relationship, Sarah suggests that he help Callie find support elsewhere. But when Bailey tries, he discovers Callie is falling in love with him. Finally, as Claudia fails to see that the newspaper's editor is in love with her, Sam tries to return Julia's money and is met with an unexpected kiss.


Bailey becomes Callie's confidant after rescuing her from a date rape; Charlie tries to keep from being drawn into a new relationship; Julia goes out on a limb to keep Sam from being fired.

Directed by: Vicki Jackson LeMay
Written by: Catherine Butterfield

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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