[Party of Five]

gimme shelter

After Bailey fails to make the school's hockey team, Sarah is hired to sing on a commercial. Hoping to improve his bad attitude, she encourages him to try out for the wrestling team. And despite a tough and humiliating first workout, the coach invites Bailey back. Meanwhile, when his slogan for the restaurant wins a contest, artist Jim Seely brings a group of homeless people to Salinger's to redeem his prize. But when Charlie complains about it hurting business, homeless advocate Grace calls for a boycott of the restaurant.

While facing a deadline for her collece entrance applications, Julia's concentration is continually broken by Sam and his vounger brother Alec, the roofers who've been hired to make repairs on the house. And still angry at Charlie for disrupting her plans to enter the conservatory, Claudia gets Sam to paint her room black. Following an uncomfortable encounter with Alec, Julia complains about his brother's drug use, but is still surprised when Sam refuses to help when Alec is arrested. Meanwhile, as Claudia's defiance extends to her schoolwork, Julia warns that bad grades could damage her future.

After witnessing yet another defeat in the team's long losing streak, Bailey decides that wrestling isn't for him. And while his dissatisfaction is magnified by Sarah's unexpected success, her sharp rebuke convinces Bailey to try again. Meanwhile, after accusing Charlie of having it too easy, Grace realizes her mistake and helps him put things back on track. Then, after agreeing to bail his brother out of jail, Sam turns around and fires Alec when he shows up late for work. And despite this callousness, Julia decides Sam may not be so bad after all. Finally, Claudia reconsiders her room's new color and asks Julia for help repainting it.


Charlie's treatment of some homeless customers sparks a boycott of his restaurant as an aimless Bailey seeks direction on the school's wrestling team.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Susannah Grant

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