[Party of Five]

not so fast

After confessing his infidelity to Charlie, Bailey decides there's nothing left to do but break, up wilh Sarah. But his sudden case of the chicken pox combined with her attentive care make it impossible to do anything. Upon introducing herself to writer Gary Sherman, Julia gets invited to attend his seminar at Stanford, her mother's alma mater and the college she's hoping to attend next year. However she's quickly devastated by his painful but honest critique of her work. Meanwhile, following a violin competition. Claudia is approached by Avery Baltas, a musical colleague and friend of her late mother.

In the wake of Gary's comments, Julia arrives for her admissions interview dispirited and unprepared. Yet, an old college yearbook that reveals her mom was once unsure of her own direction gives Julia hope. And though Bailey has been unable to tell her the truth, Sarah is suspicious after seeing Callie in one of her sweatshirts. Meanwhile, Charlie is unhappy to learn that Avery is encouraging Claudia to enter a music conservatory. And once Ross reveals his own doubts about the idea, a showdown that's been looming between Charlie and Avery takes place.

Realizing what he's about to lose, Bailey apologizes to Sarah. And though hurt by what she suspects has been going on behind her back, Sarah is inclined to accept. Finally, despite Claudia's belief that she would be fulfilling her mother's dream by attending the conservatory, Charlie is adamant against making any big changes in her life just yet.


As Bailey's battle with the chicken pox exposes his affair with Callie and Julia is stung by a college professor's assessment of her work, Claudia falls under the spell of her mother's musical colleague.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Karen Krenis

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