[Party of Five]

personal demons

Claudia suspects a hex may be causing the Salinger's recent problems. As she secretly arranges for the house to be exercised, Bailey tries avoiding Sarah's Halloween dance plans, especially after an unexpected sexual encounter with Callie. Following a brusque send-off for Grace Wilcox, a woman seeking donations of food for the homeless, Charlie fends off a drifter claiming to have once worked for his father. Yet, swayed by Earl's stories about the old restaurant, Charlie finds some work for him to do. Meanwhile, Julia is in need of a date for the Halloween dance after Justin asks his new girlfriend, Robin.

When a credit card account is opened using their father's name, questions about who had access to family records force Claudia to admit to letting the exorcist into the house. However, Charlie is the one who's surprised when Earl is arrested for the crime. And following the house's "purification," Claudia is sure their luck has changed when she finds a warranty allowing, them to get their leaky roof repaired at no cost. Meanwhile, Julia suspects she's caused trouble between Justin and Robin, only to discover that she's not that important anymore.

Bailey is feeling guilty about his deception. So once Sarah blames herself for pressuring him about the dance, he turns on Callie. However, when he decides he can't take anymore, Bailey then leaves Sarah stranded at the dance and returns home to apologize, only to find Callie is already occupied. Finally, Julia gives Robin advice on making up with Justin, while a chastened Charlie heads for the homeless food bank to offer his help.


As Claudia turns to supernatural to help the family, Bailey has a sexual encounter with Callie, and Charlie hires a drifter at the restaurant.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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