[Party of Five]

going home

As Julia and Sarah set off on an east coast college visit, Kirsten's parents arrive unannounced to take over her care. After turning on Claudia for calling them in the first place, Charlie faces off with Gene and Ellie in an effort to convince them he has everything under control. However, as Kirsten's condition worsens after stopping her medication, an argument between Charlie and Gene uncovers some unacknowledged mental illness in the Bennett family. Meanwhile, as Bailey is called on to help Callie prepare for her father's sixtieth birthday, Sarah gets word that her mother had an accident at home.

With the Bennetts already seeing another doctor, Charlie chances to help Kirsten are slipping away. As Julia tries to make the best of the weekend, Sarah is preoccupied with her mother's condition. Then, upon learning of the disaster brewing at home, Julia suddenly finds herself distracted, too. But once Julia arranges for them to go home early, Sarah reveals that she has no intention of cutting her trip short. Meanwhile. as Bailey and Callie spend the money her father sent for her plane ticket home, Charlie discovers that Gene and Ellie are determined to take Kirsten home. And when Bailey is summoned to help deal with the crisis, Callie thinks he's a hypocrite.

With Charlie under siege by the Bennetts and their lawyer, Kirsten is in no shape to decide who she wants to stay with right now. While unable to completely accept Claudia's apoloay for making the phone call that started the whole mess, Charlie is clearly in need of someone to help him through the ordeal. And once Kristen and her parents have are gone, Julia finds herself stepping in to fill the role.


As Kirsten's parents arrive to take over the care of their daughter, the Salingers draw together to protect Charlie.

Directed by: Dan Attias
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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