[Party of Five]

mixed signals

As Bailey is adjusting to Callie's whirlwind social life, Julia tells Cooper that she still isn't ready to resume having, sex with anyone in the wake of her problems with Justin. As Kirsten's depression drives her to become compulsively organized, Charlie's ban on sleepovers reveals that Claudia's friend Jody is being sexually abused by her mother's fiancee. But a promise to keep it a secret forces Claudia to tell Charlie a series of lies when Jody arrives to stay.

As he resists being called on to cover for her, Bailey discovers that the boyfriend he's helping Callie avoid is his economics teacher, Tom Digman. But when Bailey tries to transfer to another class, Tom is unwilling to consider the request. Then, after trying to explain her confusion to Bailey, Julia reconsiders starting a sexual relationship, only to shock Cooper with some unexpected resistance. So, following his run-in with Digman, Bailey warns Cooper against doing anything even remotely sexual with Julia.

While trying to deal with Kirsten's debilitating mental illness, Charlie demands to know what's going on with Jody. When Claudia reveals her friend's dark secret, Charlie immediately tells Jody's mom. And with Jody in danger of being shipped off to live with her father, Claudia sets out to get revenge and calls Kirsten's parents with news of her illness. Meanwhile, when Callie claims she's being stalked, a visit to Tom causes Bailey to suspect otherwise. Finally, after Julia berates him for interfering in her relationship with Cooper, Bailey tries extracting himself from Callie's love life, only to be drawn in even deeper. z:l


As Callie's busy love life causes problems for Bailey, Julia considers resuming a sexual relationship; Claudia's best friend reveals a terrible secret while Kirsten's depression takes a toll on Charlie.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

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