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deal with it

Upon their first meeting at the Salinger house, it appears something's happening between Cooper and Julia. After taking up an offer to use Cooper's dorm room at school, Bailey is surprised when he accidentally walks in on his sister and his new best friend. And when Julia refuses to heed his warning to steer clear of Cooper, Bailey decides to get a place of his own. To help with Kirsten's depression over losing her job and her degree, Charlie drafts her to work at the restaurant. But it's far too little to do any good. Meanwhile, Claudia is left to deal with having the water heater repaired.

Once Sarah gets a look at his attractive classmate who's looking for a roommate, Bailey decides to have another talk with Cooper. And though Cooper initially agrees that a relationship wouldn't be for the best right now, Julia convinces him otherwise. Deciding to take the apartment after all, Bailey tries calming Sarah by pointing out that Callie's boyfriend will be living there, too. However, Sarah isn't so sure after the boyfriend bolts, leaving Bailey to comfort Callie. Meanwhile, as Claudia claims she did her best after agreeing to an expensive plumbing, job, Julia doubts her relationship with Cooper.

With Kirsten far more depressed than he thought, word from her psychiatrist that she won't be getting better anytime soon worries Charlie. And while Sarah isn't happy with his new roommate, Bailey insists that she be happy for him and show some compassion for Callie, too. Forced to practice the tolerance he's been preaching, Bailey has no choice but to accept the relationship between Cooper and his sister. Finally, Charlie tells Julia that he isn't sure he can see Kirsten through her illness.


As Charlie watches Kirsten grows ever-more depressed and Bailey's new roommate upsets Sarah, Julia's relationship with Cooper has its ups and downs.

Directed by: Denny Gordon
Written by: Susannah Grant

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