[Party of Five]

going, going, gone

As Julia does her best to help get Griffin a job and an apartment of his own, Charlie suggests that he and Kirsten consider another stab at marriage. However, any plans are put on hold when she gets a job offer at a college two hours away from San Francisco. Meanwhile, Griffin uses all his money to buy Julia a broken down car. And when Byron develops a serious crush on Julia, Claudia accuses her sister of stealing her new boyfriend.

When Bailey, decides to get a place of his own nearer to campus, Julia objects to using, their hard earned money when he can just as easily stay at home. Under the influence of his new roommate, Tucker, Will takes everyone by surprise when he decides to drop his girlfriend Gina before leaving for school. However, Tucker's meddling finally proves more than Bailey can stand and he forces Will to choose between them. Meanwhile, after his continual distraction causes a problem between Julia and her boss, Griffin's hot temper results in her being fired.

The pressure of the long commute to work results in Kirsten taking an apartment closer to school for part of the week. Then, as Bailey decides to try and start his own life anew while continuing to live at home, Griffin decides to leave town on another merchant ship. Finally, as Claudia turns to Julia for romantic advice, Bailey makes his final break with Will before sending him off on a cross country adventure with Tucker.


As Kirsten's new job strains her relationship with Charlie, Julia questions her rekindled romance with Griffin; Claudia faces the loss of her new boyfriend while Bailey sees Will falling under the spell of his new college roommate.

Directedby: Michael Engler
Written by: Mark B. Perry & P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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