[Party of Five]

summer fun, summer not

With Bailey and Will preparing for a final road trip together before starting college, Julia is shaken by Griffin's unannounced return to San Francisco. Explaining that he left school to work on a merchant ship, Griffin claims not to have read any of Julia's letters detailing her break up with Justin. And struggling to get their Mexican adventure off the ground, Bailey is forced to let their girlfriends come along, too. Meanwhile. no one believes Claudia when she arrives home from summer camp claiming to have a new boyfriend as Kirsten's mom arrives unexpectedly to announce that her own marriage is over.

As Charlie insists that she be asked to leave as soon as possible, Kirsten learns of her mom's affair with a family friend eight years ago that precipitated the break-up. Then, as Julia discovers Griffin lied about not having read her letters, car problems send the girls back home, leaving, Bailey and Will to go on together. However, Bailey's problems mount when his jeep is stolen and Will announces he's going back home, too.

While Kirsten appears unwilling to forgive her mom, Charlie attempts to sympathize -- but Ellie is in no mood to listen. Yet, following her mother's tentative truce with Charlie, Kirsten convinces her estranged parents to try and heal their broken marriage before it's too late. Returning from Mexico in defeat, Bailey faces up to Will's departure for college as Sarah offers to try and fill the void left by the loss of his best friend of ten years. Finally, as Claudia delights in her budding relationship with Byron, Griffin surprises Julia with word that he's willing to give their romance another chance.


Kirsten's mom arrives to stay with the Salingers as a male bonding, adventure exposes differences between Bailey and Will; Julia is surprised by Griffin's sudden appearance, and Claudia returns from summer camp with her first boyfriend.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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