[Party of Five]

spring breaks part II

Having done little to keep Kathleen from taking over the restaurant, Charlie seeks Jake's help in finding a way to keep Salinger's from closing. And as Justin and Julia struggle with a joint class assignment, Claudia's friendship with Jody is permanently damaged by Jody's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, thinking that Sarah is only seeing him out of pity, Bailey takes the initiative and announces that he wants to break up -- unaware that it's the last thing she wants to do.

After Julia accuses Justin of cheating on her, their relationship spirals ever-downward when she admits to seeing someone, too. When Charlie attempts to get back together, Kristen sees it as grasping for something to hang on to in his time of need. But following a nasty confrontation with her fiancée, Charlie encourages Kirsten to marry Michael after all. Meanwhile, as everyone warns Bailey to think twice about leaving Sarah, Julia's second thoughts fail to make an impression on Justin.

As Julia and Justin use the classroom assignment to give voice to their own farewells, Bailey discovers how wrong he's been about Sarah. He then learns that Jake can keep the restaurant from closing only if he gives up the money he's set aside for college. So Bailey decides to use his scholarship to save the restaurant as he mends his relationship with Sarah. Finally, after Kirsten backs out of getting married at the last possible minute, she and Charlie arrive at a family dinner to celebrate saving the restaurant.


As relationships between Julia and Justin and Bailey and Sarah approach collapse, Charlie makes a desperate move to save the restaurant from closing for good.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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