[Party of Five]

spring breaks

After Joe learns that their lease may not be renewed, Charlie is forced to admit that his romance with Kathleen has jeopardized the restaurant's future. And when he tries drinking to forget his problems, Charlie ends up in jail. When Sarah is mugged, Bailey's concern for her safety makes life difficult for her and the band. Meanwhile, Julia signs them up for a photography class, only to discover Justin has already made other plans. But when she's out taking pictures with her classmate Ian, Julia spots Justin with another girl.

Trying to mend their tattered relationship, Justin seeks his new friend's advice on a gift for Julia, only to find that he and Corey are drawn to each other. Julia also a hard time getting motivated after an unexpected kiss from Ian. And when Sarah is on the receiving end of some unsolicited kisses from Matt, she has no idea they've been seen by Will. Meanwhile, Charlie discovers Joe has no intention of fighting the eviction and is closing the restaurant for good. And when Jody arranges for them to be invited to a classmate's party, Claudia balks at being fixed up with another boy, especially after finding herself alone with him in a dark closet.

As Justin and Julia find it increasingly difficult to avoid other romantic entanglements, Sarah is feeling smothered by Bailey's attention. However, Bailey isn't sure he can care about her in any other way right now. And following her experience at the party, Claudia sees that she and Jody have little in common. Finally, after his disaster with the restaurant, Charlie tries to get back together with Kirsten, only to discover she's engaged to be married.


Charlie jeopardizes the restaurant's future; Bailey overreacts when Sarah is mugged; Julia and Justin are each pursued by new suitors; Jody's fast lane lifestyle upsets Claudia.

Directed by: Dan Attias
Written by: Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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