[Party of Five]

happily ever after

As Charlie prepares for an important review of the restaurant and Kathleen for a big TV awards ceremony happening the same night, Jake returns late from a trip to Arizona. And while Claudia is glad when he finally shows up, Bailey is angry -- especially after he accidentally discovers Jake has a daughter he's kept a secret from them. Meanwhile, as Julia struggles to recover from her miscarriage, Justin writes a fable which chronicles the impending demise of their relationship.

After Kathleen uses her acceptance speech to declare her love, even an outstanding review of the restaurant can't keep Charlie from being worried. So when Kathleen wants him to meet her mother, Charlie claims he's getting back together with Kirsten. After tracking down his daughter Lauren, Bailey accuses Jake of being a liar and demands that he move out. Though managing to get Julia's support, Bailey cannot get Claudia, Charlie or Sarah to back the ouster. Meanwhile, after Kathleen learns Kirsten isn't even in town, she realizes Charlie lied. And to ease Justin's concern about their failing relationship, Julia halfheartedly agrees to attend a school dance together.

Following a painful encounter with Claudia, Bailey decides to give Jake one more chance -- only to discover he's already decided to move on after promising to stay in touch. Meanwhile, the date at the dance does little to ease Justin's fears about losing Julia. And when he drops by her apartment, Charlie discovers that not only does Kathleen know he's been lying, but that she's made a real estate deal which could lead to the restaurant being closed.


As Charlie lies to avoid a commitment to Kathleen, Bailey uncovers a disturbing secret about their grandfather's past.

Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Lisa Melamed and P.K. Simonds & Melissa Gould

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
Party of Five, its name, logo and photos are a trademark of Columbia TriStar Pictures