[Party of Five]

altered states

Following her miscarriage, Julia can neither bring herself to return to school nor resume a relationship with Justin. Telling him that she's going away with her family, and Charlie that she's been invited to spend the weekend with Justin and his family, she heads for New Orleans to see Griffin. And while Griffin provides the comfort she needs, he isn't about to force Julia into anything.

Unaware that his sister is gone, Charlie worries that Kathleen is getting too close, especially after she offers to take the family to Hawaii. Meanwhile, at a party that he hopes will keep Sarah away from her new friends, Bailey is surprised to find she's invited her band without asking him first. And it's then that she learns Bailey is concerned about her new attitude and wardrobe, too. When Bailey tries to apologize, Sarah accepts after learning he got her band a job at the restaurant. But things again turn tense when Bailey asks the musicians to tone down their act for the Salingers' crowd.

When Charlie reveals he's not ready for more than a casual affair, the news causes Kathleen to take an overdose of pills. Rescued by Charlie, she admits that his cavalier attitude about their relationship scares her. And Bailey's jealousy upsets Sarah, who suggests her changing doesn't have to pose a threat. Meanwhile, when Julia realizes that New Orleans is not the answer to her problems, Griffin takes her to the one place where he's found comfort since arriving -- his school's church. Finally, Justin realizes Julia lied about her trip, but is willing to let it go in order to repair their fractured relationship.


Following her miscarriage, Julia heads to see Griffin, Charlie balks at Kathleen's attempt to cement their relationship, and Bailey worries about Sarah changing.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Susannah Grant

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