[Party of Five]

before and after

While considering a sexual relationship of their own, Bailey and Sarah get just the opportunity they need with her parent's impromptu out-of-town trip. But after Sarah prepares to make the experience just right, Bailey gets cold feet. Having made the appointment on her own, Julia makes sure that neither Justin nor Charlie will be there when she ends her unplanned pregnancy. But once she's at the clinic, she leaves before getting the abortion. Meanwhile, when Claudia's violin is ruined in a basement flood, Jake offers to have it repaired.

After telling Justin about backing out, Julia consults her doctor before deciding what to do. But Sarah's seeing her at the office leads to Bailey discovering the truth about his sister's pregnancy. Confronted by Bailey, Justin offers to marry Julia and have the baby -- an offer that Claudia approves of and Charlie counsels against. Although Justin swears he'll never forget what's happened between them, Julia finds little comfort in his promises. Meanwhile, as Bailey finally decides to become intimate with Sarah, she instead decides to put the brakes on their relationship.

When she tries talking to Sarah, Julia finds that her adoption makes it difficult to offer any advice. And warned by Bailey that Julia might want to be alone before going back to the clinic, Justin insists that his feelings shouldn't be ignored. However, a sudden miscarriage makes Julia's decision about an abortion moot. And as Julia, her family and Justin do their best to recover, Bailey and Sarah decide to spend a sexless night together. Finally, Jake's efforts to see the violin repaired helps bring Claudia back to music.


As Julia and Justin wrestle with an unplanned pregnancy, Bailey and Sarah consider staring their own sexual relationship.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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