[Party of Five]

valentine's day

When Griffin makes a surprise visit, Justin would just as soon ignore him. Although Julia feels she owes him an explanation about her new relationship, she's in for a big surprise when Griffin asks to spend the night because he's run away. Meanwhile, when Bailey proposes taking her to the Monster Truck Show for Valentine's Day, his plan backfires when Sarah's old childhood friend suddenly shows up in town. And while Kathleen offers to loan Charlie the money to hire a well-known chef, Claudia makes Valentine's Day plans with Ross.

Though news that Griffin spent the night doesn't set well with him, Justin grudgingly agrees to hide him until he can leave. However, when Griffin says he loves her, Julia is forced to choose between them. As Charlie wrestles with his temperamental new chef, Kathleen suffers a setback at work. And though he sweeps her away for a romantic weekend alone, Charlie's problems with the chef cut their trip short. Meanwhile, after jumping to the wrong conclusion about Sarah and Sean's relationship, Bailey apologizes in order to salvage what's left of Valentine's Day.

After learning that Ross has another offer, Claudia makes up a story to let him off the hook for Valentine's Day. But when Ross changes his plans after learning she lied, Claudia ends up joining him and his date for a concert. Finally, after Griffin decides to return to school after all, Julia and Justin are surprised by the news that she's pregnant.


On Valentine's Day, Griffin and a childhood friend of Sarah's make surprise appearances, while Charlie takes control of his relationship with Kathleen.

Directed by: David Semel
Written by: P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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