[Party of Five]

comings and goings

While Bailey is reeling from the sudden appearance of his grandfather Jake, Sarah learns of his plans to go away to college. And despite all his attempts, nothing Bailey says can ease her mind. Meanwhile, as Charlie continues juggling a pair of interested girlfriends, Claudia does her best to catch Jake up on the family's history. But Julia isn't at all interested in welcoming their grandfather back into the Salinger clan. And when Claudia invites Jake to live with them, her older sister sees it as disrespectful of their late mother's memory.

When her real mom makes an unexpected appearance at one of her band's dates, Sarah uses it as a wedge between her and Bailey. However, when Robin announces she's leaving for several months, Sarah suddenly feels as if she's being abandoned again. Meanwhile, after a chance meeting at the movies, Emily suspects Charlie is dating Kathleen.

After failing to convince Robin to change her plans, Bailey is next in line to disappoint Sarah. But once he decides to stay close to home for college, Sarah finds the faith to let his choice of schools stand. After being turned away by Emily and then getting an earful from Claudia, Charlie discovers that Kathleen is seeing someone else, too. But after clearing the air, they agree to give their relationship time to grow. Finally, when a visit to the Salingers allows Jake to make his case, Julia decides to give him a chance.


Sarah discovers the truth about Bailey's college plans and her real mother's identity; Julia fights to keep their grandfather at bay; Charlie gets caught between a pair of romantic entanglements.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Melissa Gould and Lisa Melamed

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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