[Party of Five]


While he's surprised by a $40,000 college scholarship, Bailey still hasn't told Sarah about his going to college in Massachusetts. And his suspicions soon lead him to discover that the donor is actually the Salinger's long lost grandfather, Jacob Gordon. Meanwhile, as he's struggling with Emily's ambivalence about sex, Charlie falls for a wealthy customer for whom he's recently catered a party. And when his frustration with Emily makes him an easy mark, Charlie finds himself spending the night with Kathleen.

To help study for an important exam, Julia turns to classmate Miller West. But his crush on her and an unwelcome kiss force Julia to reconsider her choice of tutors. While admitting he's sought out Bailey after abandoning his own family daughter many years before, Jacob is adamant about not meeting the rest of the Salingers. And though Bailey considers luring him into a trap, he finally decides to simply refuse the scholarship. Meanwhile, after spending the night with Kathleen, Charlie decides to break up with Emily -- until her sudden interest in sex forces him to reconsider.

When Justin's attempt at tutoring threatens their already fragile relationship, Julia enters into an agreement with Miller, promising him a date only if she gets an A on the exam. Though having begged for an A-, upon seeing just how much a date will do for his self esteem, Julia cannot resist holding up her end of the bargain. Meanwhile, after Claudia realizes that he's been seeing another woman, Emily forces Charlie to choose with an invitation to spend the night. Finally, during dinner together, the Salingers are taken by surprise when Jacob suddenly arrives.


As Bailey's unexpected scholarship offer exposes a family secret and Charlie struggles with a wealthy employer's advances, Julia reluctantly agrees to be tutored by a nerdy classmate.

Directed by: Dan Attias
Written by: Susannah Grant

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