[Party of Five]

strange bedfellows

When she accidentally comes across their birth control, Justin's mom Helene realizes what's been happening between her son and Julia. While Julia suggests they consider stopping as his parents wish, Justin will hear nothing of it, especially since he knows his father has been having an extramarital affair. So Helene turns to Charlie, only to discover he's of no help either. Meanwhile, Will is upset when neither Bailey nor Sarah thinks much of his talkative new girlfriend, Gina.

When Claudia and Jody are caught smoking, Charlie is called in to school. And though any thoughts of strict discipline evaporate upon his meeting teacher Emily Schrader, Claudia warns both of them against getting involved. However, Emily shows up at the restaurant and Charlie suddenly finds himself with a date. Meanwhile, Bailey's obvious dislike for her causes Will to break up with Gina.

As Justin looks to punish his father for having an affair, Helene's unexpected pregnancy causes Julia to see her in a different light. So when Justin threatens to tell his mom about the affair, Julia suggests that he should be speaking with his dad instead. And upon learning that Helene already knows, Justin then sets out to reconcile with Marshall. While Charlie and Emily agree to take it slow for now, Claudia catches them together and accuses her brother of reneging on his promise not to date the teacher. But when Emily's frustration spills over into the classroom, Claudia reconsiders. Finally, as Sarah and Bailey resolve to accept Gina, Justin and Julia resume their sexual relationship.


As Justin's parents insist he and Julia stop having sex and Charlie finds himself attracted to Claudia's teacher, Bailey and Sarah find Will's new girlfriend annoying.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Mark B. Perry

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