[Party of Five]

poor substitutes

(Note: the performance of the Sarah McLachlan recording of "Possession" is restricted and no trailer or promotional rights have been granted by the record company)

When the girl Justin met over the summer in England arrives for a college visit, Julia isn't happy that he's playing host. However, Justin is surprised when Julia and Allison really hit it off. Shocked to discover Kirsten has already started dating again, Claudia exaggerates a trivial incident with Owen to bring her back home. Though warned against ever trying the stunt, when Charlie's failed attempt to get Owen into day care center causes him to angrily lash out at their baby brother, Claudia tries using it to lure Kirsten back.

After Bailey helps track down the whereabouts of her real mother, Sarah gets cold feet and decides not to proceed for now. So Bailey takes matters into his own hands and contacts Robin Merrill, only to discover she never wants to see or hear from her daughter. Meanwhile, as their relationship grows ever closer, it's Julia's turn to be surprised when Allison says she's in love...with her.

When Allison's attempt to prove she isn't gay backfires, her secret is revealed to an unsuspecting Justin. As a result, Julia suggests that Allison not come to California just to run away from her problems at home. Then, upon seeing Kirsten dating a single dad, Claudia concludes she's replacing her and the rest of the Salingers with another ready-made family. Finally, as Bailey keeps Sarah from learning the truth about her mom, Charlie decides to stop fighting his role as Owen's dad.


Charlie seeks child care for Owen, while Julia gets a surprise from Justin's summertime friend.

Directed by: Davis Gugenheim
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
Party of Five, its name, logo and photos are a trademark of Columbia TriStar Pictures