[Party of Five]

hold on tight

While preparing to audition for a popular local band, Julia decides to make a new room in the attic for herself. However, Bailey decides the idea is just the right thing...for him. With tensions between them on the rise, Bailey undercuts Julia's chances at being in the band by sending Sarah to try out, too. So when Julia arrives at the audition, she discovers Sarah is already certain to win. Meanwhile, when Kirsten asks Charlie for help with an income tax audit, the time together re-ignites their romance.

Claudia's new friendship with Jody causes her to question playing violin again once she's recovered from her broken arm. After keeping Ross waiting while she's at a movie with Jody, she arrives late for her lesson to announce that, despite all efforts to convince her otherwise, she's giving up the violin. Then, after going to bed together, Charlie and Kirsten are unsure about what they've done. So when Claudia stops by her apartment to talk, Kirsten doesn't let on that her brother is also there.

After Julia gets revenge by sending her boyfriend to interview for a TV station internship ahead of Bailey, both Justin and Sarah become pawns in the sibling's dispute. But when Bailey is accepted at a college in Massachusetts, Julia decides to set aside their disagreement as she gives up the attic for him. And while their rekindled romance has its advantages, both Charlie and Kirsten realize they've only been looking for a way to end their relationship for good. Finally, after secretly playing her violin one last time, Claudia is determined to change her life.


As Julia and Bailey vie for an attic bedroom, Charlie and Kirsten ponder getting back together again.

Directed by: Oz Scott
Written by: Melissa Gould

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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