[Party of Five]

unfair advantage

Not content with the new sports car she's been given for her birthday, Sarah wants to make sure Bailey reaps some of her good fortune, too. However, he isn't so sure she should be taking advantage of her parents guilt over concealing her adoption. Meanwhile, though disturbed by a teacher's romantic advances, Julia insists that Justin tell no one. But when Justin threatens Mr. Peck, Julia suddenly find she's the one being accused of coming on to her teacher.

Still trying to put the wedding fiasco behind him, Charlie befriends some of the restaurant's younger staff. Unfortunately, after one of them rebuffs his sexual advances, Charlie finds himself having to cut her hours to keep the business afloat. Angered over Justin's exposing her secret, Julia isn't sure that she didn't lead Mr. Peck on. And despite an offer to hear her side of the story, she still wants to forget anything ever happened. Meanwhile, as Claudia gets caught drinking with Jody, Bailey returns the expensive gifts Sarah charged to her parent's credit card.

Despite Charlie's warnings to never see her again, Claudia takes advantage of a hangover to cut class with Jody. And though she's still upset over her parent's secrecy, Bailey persuades Sarah to stop punishing them and give her mom and dad another chance. Fearing being hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit, Charlie offers to restore Shelly's hours before trying to reach Kirsten. Finally, Julia decides to confront Mr. Peck about his behavior.


As Julia copes with a teacher's sexual advances, Charlie finds his own behavior under fire; and Bailey questions Sarah's extravagant gifts as Claudia falls under the spell of an unruly classmate.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Mark B. Perry & Lisa Melamed

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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