[Party of Five]

grand delusions

In the aftermath of the wedding that never was, Charlie takes Claudia to Mexico for what was to be his honeymoon. While he quickly meets a beautiful hotel guest, she finds herself being pursued by the son of the resort's owner. As Bailey embarks on a relationship with Sarah, he discovers her devotion to family will mean some compromises. Meanwhile, Julia and Justin decide their new relationship will be about sex and nothing more.

During a family dinner party, Sarah is surprised to discover she was adopted. Unable to accept any explanations, Sarah heads for the Salingers, forcing Bailey to run interference between her and an apologetic mom. Meanwhile, after spotting Charlie kissing Courtney, Claudia joins Enrico to spy on an important mystery guest and avoid spending time with her brother. And when he's caught in bed with Julia, Justin fights back by accusing his father of having an affair.

While Claudia experiencing her first love with Enrico, Charlie realizes that his feelings for Courtney aren't mutual. And while Justin and Julia decide a purely sexual relationship isn't enough, they try to heal the wounds it's already caused. Then, as Sarah realizes that her place is at home with her family, even meeting hotel guest Jason Priestly doesn't take the sting out Claudia's first broken heart. Finally, Charlie and his little sister return home to find Kirsten packing to move out.


In the aftermath of the failed wedding, Charlie takes Claudia to Mexico, Julia and Justin explore their sexual relationship, and Bailey helps Sarah cope with a stunning surprise.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Susannah Grant

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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