[Party of Five]

the wedding

Charlie and Kirsten's big day has finally arrived. But things begin to fray when an ear infection keeps Kirsten's sister in Chicago as her parents are running late. Yet, nothing can prepare Kirsten for the biggest shock of all -- Charlie wants to call off the wedding! Meanwhile, as Bailey realizes he's still in love with Sarah, Julia is surprised by Justin's unexpected appearance at the wedding.

No matter what anyone says, Charlie wants to cancel and try again in six months. As his brother's cold feet infuriate the father of the bride, a disgusted and disappointed Bailey offers to wind down the event and send everyone home. However, Kirsten's mom will hear none of it, insisting that the wedding is only delayed. And after talking to her mother, Kirsten delivers an ultimatum to Charlie: get married now...or never. Meanwhile, a bottle of champagne thaws Julia and Justin's frosty relationship and leads them into bed.

Charli'e's sudden disappearance seems to have sealed the wedding's fate. But just as Kirsten is ready to call it off, he returns home ready to proceed. Reviving to find she's had her first sexual encounter with Justin, Julia then does her best to accept what's happened. Meanwhile, resigned to losing his girlfriend, Will punches Bailey in the stomach before leaving him and Sarah behind. Finally, realizing she can now never be sure about their marriage, Kirsten's decides the wedding is off, leaving Charlie with one remaining source of comfort...his family.


Charlie gets cold feet and throws the wedding plans into chaos.

Directed by: Steven Robman
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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