[Party of Five]

the best laid plans

While waiting for his wild bachelor party to begin, Charlie is determined to find just the right words to launch his married life. But as Bailey and the party contingent are stranded in the hotel elevator, Charlie comes to the aid of Monica, a woman who's just caught her husband in the midst of an extramarital affair in an adjoining room. Meanwhile, when Kirsten's sister can't arrive in time for them to be together before the wedding, Claudia offers to help uphold a family tradition. And though Julia does her best to apologize for how she's treated him, Justin doesn't want to hear it.

Taking refuge in Charlie's room, Monica then asks him to join her in the hotel's bar for a drink. But once Bailey is freed from the malfunctioning elevator, he sees them heading into a hotel room together. Meanwhile, as just about everything goes wrong with Claudia's party for Kirsten, Julia finds herself seated next to Justin at a rock concert. And while Justin's anger is suddenly overshadowed when he sees his father there with another woman, he still cannot bring himself to talk with Julia about it.

As everyone awaits his return, Charlie is propositioned by Monica. Yet, admitting not so long ago he would have jumped at the opportunity, Charlie confesses he's in love with someone else. So when he finally confronts Charlie about what he saw, Bailey learns his brother proved his love for Kirsten after all. Finally, after returning home to a recap of Claudia and Kirsten's disaster, Julia finds Justin outside her bedroom window desperately needing someone to listen.


Disaster strikes on the eve of the wedding as Charlie ends up with another woman and Justin catches his father having an affair.

Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Lisa Melamed

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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