[Party of Five]

change partners...and dance

When an accident leaves Claudia with a broken arm, Ross worries it might permanently damage her career. And while he and Charlie try to minimize their concerns, Claudia worries, too. Although Julia persuades Charlie to give him a job, Griffin fails to show up for his first night. So she accepts responsibility and promises he'll be there the following night. Meanwhile, as Bailey convinces a reluctant Sarah to skip school, a fortune teller sees Kirsten at her wedding with a new husband...one who's not Charlie!

Already unimpressed with his lack of gratitude, when Griffin fails to show up for a date, Julia is left waiting as Justin and his new girlfriend look on. And as Bailey tries getting Sarah to take an impromptu trip to Seattle, some pre-wedding dance lessons expose problems with Charlie and Kirsten. Although he finally makes it to work, Griffin quits to escape Julia's scrutiny, while Bailey wants to make things right with Sarah, who's in no mood for his constant fooling around. Meanwhile, Claudia fears she's placed too much importance on a musical career.

After helping the exasperated Charlie with his dancing, Julia confronts Griffin about his indifference towards their relationship. And the prospect of losing her for good seems to bring him around. Though Charlie is worried that his latest promotional idea for the restaurant is a bust, he's comforted by his siblings who all arrive to help out. And as Sarah accuses Bailey of confusing her with his late girlfriend Jill, Charlie finds himself making up with Kirsten on the restaurant's dance floor.


In the wake of an accident which threatens Claudia's musical career, Bailey's behavior confuses Sarah and Julia struggles to connect with Griffin.

Directed by: Ellen Pressman
Written by: Susannah Grant

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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