[Party of Five]

have no fear

After Joe is stricken with a heart condition, Kirsten suggests that Charlie find someone to help run the restaurant. Although Joe reluctantly agrees, Claudia worries about turning over their family's business to a stranger. So when another attack forces Joe to admit that he's much sicker than he let on, Charlie steps in to run Salinger's. Meanwhile, when she's warned about Griffin's sexual history, Julia must confront her own reservations about making love.

After putting off Sarah, Bailey finds himself in need of a friend when he accidentally injures a fellow member of the school's football team. While punishing himself for putting his teanunate in the hospital, he turns to her for consolation. Although Charlie has assumed responsibility for the restaurant, Joe just can't let go. And his continued meddling finally causes Charlie to explode. Meanwhile, Julia is surprised when she and Griffin end up spending a chaste night together in her bed.

Although Andy's injuries aren't serious after all, Bailey can't bring himself to continue playing for the team. But when he turns to Sarah for comfort, he quickly discovers that his attitude about her has turned her off. Yet, despite her resolve to not get involved, Sarah quickly lets go of her anger for Bailey. Pressed by Julia, Griffin admits to not wanting the responsibility of being her "first." And when he finally gets Joe to back off, Charlie must then worry about being as good as his dad.


Charlie is pressed to take over running the restaurant, Bailey accidentally injures a football teammate and Julia ponders sex with Griffin.

Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Melissa Gould

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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