[Party of Five]

dearly beloved

Frustrated with her mother's demands, Kirsten returns from Chicago determined to plan and pay for the wedding with Charlie. However, when the other Salingers get involved, she finds that Bailey, Julia and Claudia aren't going to be any easier to work with. Meanwhile, hoping to spark a romance between them, Sarah offers to help Bailey bolster his high school record by managing a campaign for senior class vice president, and Julia finds herself lying to Justin in order to keep seeing Griffin.

When Claudia suggests having the wedding at the restaurant and Julia presses her to wear their mother's faded and stained wedding dress, Kirsten snaps. So when their friend Dudley suggests they avoid all the aggravation by eloping, she and Charlie consider getting married in Reno. Although Sarah is keen on Bailey, he has only one request -- that she write his campaign speech. But after a stern warning from Julia, Sarah realizes she's getting nowhere and resigns. Meanwhile, as Julia worries that Griffin lacks interest in her, Justin suspects he's being deceived.

It's not until they're preparing for the engagement party that Charlie's siblings are told he and Kirsten eloped. And while Bailey and Julia are upset, it's Claudia who really feels cheated. However, Julia is next to hit the ceiling when Dudley unknowingly invites Griffin to the party -- after she asked Justin. As Griffin's refusal to leave forces Julia to explain to an angry Justin, Sarah stuns Bailey by revealing she's in love with him. And when they have second thoughts, Charlie and Kirsten return home to face an angry household, explaining that they just couldn't get married without everyone there.


As Kirsten and Charlie struggle with their wedding plans, Julia is torn between a pair of boyfriends while Sarah uses a class election to spark a romance with Bailey.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Lisa Melamed

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