[Party of Five]


As Charlie sets out to find his former lover Pamela and her son Spencer, high school resumes with Will thinking of attending an Ivy League college as Julia and Justin learn of a new "no kissing on campus" rule. And when Will produces an extra ticket for the trip to visit Perry University, Bailey defies his older brother and skips school to join him. Meanwhile, Claudia wants to avoid the embarrassment of going to junior high school with her more developed classmates.

After meeting their campus host at Perry, Bailey invents a new family history to impress Keri. Then, considered heroes because of a defiant kiss, Justin and Julia plan to protest Ms. Stickley's policy with a demonstration. As Claudia secretly orders a new bra to improve her self image, Charlie learns that Pamela lied about his being Spencer's father in order to get some money. And though they're supposed to be getting their marriage license, Charlie keeps Kirsten waiting while he uncovers birth records proving Pamela was right. Meanwhile, when Will inadvertently exposes the truth about his past, Keri's sympathy makes Bailey uncomfortable, dashing his hopes of starting over at Perry.

Upon learning that Griffin broke up with his girlfriend, Julia suddenly bails out on the "kiss-in" with Justin as Claudia takes some heat about her new "breasts" and Kirsten has second thoughts about marriace. Back at school, Bailey is determined to get into a college far from home, and the kissing protest convinces Ms. Stickley to her ban. Finally, after the attention she gets convinces Claudia to dump her new bra, intimacy develops between Julia and Griffin as Charlie woos Kirsten by offering to adopt his baby brother Owen as their own.


Charlie sets out to uncover the truth about his son while Bailey experiments with a new identity.

Directed by: Ellen Pressman
Written by: Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
Party of Five, its name, logo and photos are a trademark of Columbia TriStar Pictures