[Party of Five]

ready or not

In the midst of preparing for their wedding, Kirsten is surprised by Pamela Rush, an old friend of Charlie's. Yet, after assuring Kirsten that their affair is long over, Charlie gets a surprise of his own when Pamela drops by the restaurant with news that he's the father of her three-year-old son, Spencer, and is in need of financial help. Although his friend Will tries his best to get him dating again, Bailey still struggles with the death of his girlfriend, while Julia continues her clandestine meetings with the late girl's brother, Griffin.

As Julia awaits her boyfriend Justin's return from England, Claudia looks to her for guidance as she prepares for junior high. But when Justin arrives, Julia quickly discovers that he spent time with another girl in London. And while Julia accuses Justin of seeing someone else, she keeps him in the dark about her and Griffin. Meanwhile, at Will's insistence, Bailey agrees to date Holly Blanchard, but is determined not to like it.

After making up with Justin, Julia discovers she was being deceived by Griffin when his girlfriend makes an unexpected appearance. And though Griffin claims they have no obligation to one another, Julia still struggles with her growing feelings for him. When a restaurant patron notices a resemblance between him and Spencer, Charlie decides to assume responsibility, and he gives Pamela the money. But after he breaks the news to Kirsten, mother and child disappear without a trace. Finally, as Claudia shows up unannounced and uninvited to the Julia's high school bonfire, Bailey finds an unexpected source of support from Sarah, a classmate and waitress at the restaurant.


As Kirsten and Charlie's wedding preparations are interruped by a surprise visit by Charlie's old girlfriend, Bailey struggles with the death of his girlfriend, and Claudia enters junior high school.

Directed by: Peter O'Fallon
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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