[Party of Five]

the ides of march

After surviving a close call with pregnancy, Bailey's relief is crushed when he learns that Jill died from a drug overdose. As Bailey watches from across the street, Julia attends the funeral with Charlie and becomes intrigued by Jill's eighteen year-old brother, Griffin. And her fascination with this young loner grows when he arrives at the coffeehouse to retrieve his late sister's things. Meanwhile, Ross reveals that he is about to adopt a new baby girl.

Despite Will's attempt to get him to talk about Jill's death, all Bailey wants to do is go out to a club where he then tests their friendship by insisting on driving home drunk. After finding the nerve to approach him, Julia is rebuffed by Griffin. Undaunted, she spots a coat Jill intended to buy her brother and gets it for Griffin herself. Then, as his big day approaches, Ross discovers that his homosexuality may keep him from adopting the baby after all. Meanwhile, Charlie decides to ask Kirsten to get married, only to be surprised when she asks him first.

As Ross struggles with the thought of losing the daughter he was sure would be his, Bailey takes it upon himself to see the social worker in charge of the adoption to put in a good word for him. And after joining Griffin at the cemetery to make his own peace with Jill's death, he heads to the restaurant to find that his plea to the social worker worked. After breaking the news of his engagement to Bailey, Charlie surprises Kirsten with his mother's wedding ring. Finally, as they celebrate Ross becoming a father, the Salingers begin planning for the wedding in their future.


Bailey is shocked by Jill's death; Ross' homosexuality threatens his adoption of a little girl.

Directed by: Ellen Pressman
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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