[Party of Five]


Charlie is determined to find a place of his own, but Kirsten doesn't want to leave the others to care for themselves. Yet, when a former business partner tells Charlie of a vacant apartment, she decides it's worth a look. But then Claudia and Artie are witnesses to an armed robbery -- an episode which enhances Claudia's fears about Charlie's leaving just as much as it excites Artie about the prospect of participating in the investigation. Meanwhile, when Bailey doubts Jill can handle running a fundraising dance marathon at school, Julia's suggestion that they enter reveals that Justin can't dance.

When a police line up fails to turn up their suspect, Claudia just wants the whole mess to be over while Artie is ecstatic about coming back to do it again. As the dance marathon gets underway with few problems, Bailey tries to help out, only to be deemed too pushy by Jill. And the event has also given Julia some new insight into Justin when she discovers a condom hidden in his wallet. And as Julia becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her newfound knowledge, Bailey infuriates Jill when he sides with a teacher's who wants to cut the marathon short. Meanwhile, though Charlie is excited by the party-like atmosphere of their new apartment building, Kirsten isn't so sure, especially after she returns home to find Claudia having nightmares.

While out drinking with his new neighbor, Charlie begins to realize that he can't go back to his partying ways, especially after Claudia's nightmares continue unabated and Julia starts asking for advice about sex. So, as the success of the dance marathon convinces Jill that she can handle responsibility and solve problems without Bailey's help, Charlie decides he's needed at home and surprises Kirsten with his decision to move back. Finally, their discussion of the condom propels Julia and Justin into their first tentative explorations of sex.


Just as Charlie finds a new apartment, he's needed more than ever at home.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Susannah Grant & Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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