[Party of Five]

the trouble with charlie

Although Charlie is determined to take Kirsten away for a romantic ski weekend alone, the responsibility of being in charge of the family isn't making it easy. First of all, Claudia's dental exam has made it clear that she hasn't been eating right, and Charlie's determined to do something about it. Then there's Owen's nanny, Bill, who wants a raise to cover an increase in his rent. Meanwhile, when a story she wrote is published after winning a contest, Julia worries about the unflattering portrait it paints of her family. And just as he's trying to get over losing Jill, Bailey is dealt a surprise -- a visit from his old girlfriend, Kate.

Although Charlie and Kirsten make an unexpected appearance at the magazine awards ceremony, Julia is successful at keeping them from reading what her story. But she's not as lucky when it comes to Claudia and Bailey. And to guarantee their silence with Charlie, she agrees to be their slave. After hearing of Bill's financial problems and deciding on his own to give him a raise, Bailey arranges to meet Kate at the coffeehouse, where he's surprised when Jill returns. And though he leaves Kate once Kate arrives, Bailey just can't keep his mind off Jill.

In open defiance of Charlie's attempts to reign her in, Claudia invites all her friends to the house for a party. So when he returns homes after finally getting a look at Julia's magazine article, Charlie's ready to do away with both his sisters. After trying to discipline Claudia and nearly losing his cool, Charlie is in for another rude awakening when he learns about Bill's raise. But when he goes looking for him to complain, Bailey is at the airport breaking up with Kate before going to find Jill to tell her he loves her. Finally, upset with how little respect he is being shown by his younger siblings, Charlie decides to move out.


As Charlie tries getting some time or himself, the pressures of being the head of the household mount.

Directed by:
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

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