[Party of Five]

brother's keeper

Their success in the furniture business has brought Charlie and his partner Gwen to the attention of a manufacturer who wants to expand their operation. But while celebrating his big break, Charlie discovers a catch -- he must relocate to Seattle. While Kirsten remains open to the idea, Charlie's siblings are dead set against any move, so he decides to propose staying in San Francisco. But when he raises the idea, Charlie learns that the deal will only happen if they make the move... and soon. Meanwhile, Bailey's poor performance on a test has caused him to be temporarily moved to a sophomore math class where Julia is assigned to be his tutor.

Bailey finds Julia is too distracted by her romance with Justin to be much help with his math, while Claudia balks at her first lesson with a new and more demanding violin teacher. When Charlie insists that they have no choice but to go with him to Seattle, the news profoundly affects his siblings. Claudia vows to give up the violin altogether and Julia explores living with Justin and his family. Bailey insists he isn't going along either as he struggles to prepare for the crucial test. However, upset by his criticism of her and Justin, Julia leaves Bailey to study on his own.

When Charlie announces that he's taken the job, he faces a full scale revolt and is accused of breaking up the family. After learning that his parents said no to the idea of her moving in, Julia puts Justin on hold in order to help Bailey. Though certain he must have failed the exam, when she asks his teacher to give him another chance, Julia learns that Bailey passed quite nicely on his own. Finally, after deciding she would like to continue with Ross as her teacher, Claudia discovers that Charlie sold his share of the company to Gwen in order to stay in San Francisco after all.


The famfly is thrown into turmoil when Charlie is offered a job in Seattle. Directed by: Richard Pearce
Written by: Mark B. Perry
© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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