[Party of Five]

who cares?

Despite her best efforts, Claudia can't seem to get anyone interested in her birthday. Bailey is in Los Angeles to find Jill, and Charlie's furniture business with Gwen is about to take off. And when she's invited to join him as part of a songwriting team, Julia discovers that her friend Danny is infected with AIDS. Yet, once they finally do get the hint, Julia and Charlie turn to a professional to plan their little sister's party. Meanwhile, after Bailey persuades her to return to San Francisco, Jill talks him into making a romantic vacation out of the trip back home.

At home, Claudia is perplexed by the party planner, as well as with the expensive camera Julia bought as a gift. Yet when Kirsten decides to step in and help out, she quickly finds out how difficult it is to pull something together at the last minute. As Charlie demands that he get home as fast as possible, Bailey decides he's had just about enough of Jill and irresponsible behavior -- only to wake up the following morning to finds that she's run away again.

After insisting that Julia leave the recording studio if she isn't going to produce lyrics for his songs, Danny apologizes for putting all the pressure for his success or failure on her. And as Bailey arrives back at home without Jill and gives Claudia the one present she's been waiting for, Julia arranges for Danny to hear his music played on the radio. Finally, as Claudia and her friends create havoc at a restaurant party, the Salingers realize that, regardless of what happens, they still have each another.


On the eve of Claudia's birthday, Bailey heads to Los Angeles to find Jill.

Directed by: Ellen Pressman
Written by: Susannah Grant

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