[Party of Five]

in loco parentis

When Bailey suspects that she may be using drugs again, Jill denies it. Yet, a car accident she has seems to suggest otherwise, especially to Charlie. Warned by Kirsten that he's spending too little time with Owen, Charlie agrees to join a father's support group, where he quickly discovers that her observation may be true. Meanwhile, as Julia admits she's romantically involved with her old friend Justin, Claudia discovers that Artie's parents are nearing divorce -- and decides to bring them back together.

Although Bailey wants to believe her, Charlie's evidence that Jill is using drugs is persuasive. Yet, when Bailey calls Jill's mother to warn her of the problem, Mrs. Holbrook accuses him of harassing her daughter. And though Charlie tries to convince him to just let her go, Bailey can't. As their romance grows, Julia tells Justin's mom all the details, sharing both a picture he drew and a poem he wrote. But when Justin finds out, he accuses Julia of betraying his trust.

As he and Claudia struggle to try help friends up against seemingly impossible odds, Bailey learns that Jill has left on her own for Los Angeles. And when Claudia's attempt at reuniting his parents ends in failure, she asks Artie to accept his situation, regardless of how much he doesn't like it. Apologizing for revealing his secrets, Julia explains to Justin that she approached his mom because she was too excited to simply keep the details of their love affair to herself. Finally, as Justin encourages more contact between his mom and Julia, Mrs. Holbrook realizes that Bailey was right when he tried to warn her about Jill.


Bailey and Claudia each struggle to help friends in need, while Julia falls in love with an old friend.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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