[Party of Five]


As a small but unnerving earthquake strikes the city, Charlie complains about Bailey and Jill having sex in the house, while Julia fights her growing attraction to her best friend Libby's boyfriend, Justin. When Charlie reveals that a student in his design class is interested in starting a furniture company together, Kirsten offers to loan him $7,000 to get going. Meanwhile, as Charlie suspects Jill is a drug addict, an accident in the school's darkroom ends with Justin and Julia locked in a passionate kiss. And, when Justin dumps her, Libby asks Julia to find out if there's another girl in his life. Though angered by his older brother's accusation, Bailey rummages through Jill's purse and finds a bag full of pills.

As Kirsten starts offering Charlie and his partner advice on how to run their new business, an aftershock prompts Claudia to upgrade the family's disaster plans. Confronted about the drugs, Jill struggles to convince Bailey that she doesn't have a problem and even flushes her pills down the toilet to prove it. Unable to live with the guilt, Julia decides to tell Libby about her and Justin. But, before she can, Libby figures it out on her own. Impatient with her constant meddling, Charlie asks Kirsten to remain a silent partner in the new venture or take her money back. Meanwhile, Claudia sees Jill rummaging through the Salinger's medicine cabinet for some painkillers.

When the family learns of the theft, Charlie says that Jill is not allowed in the house anymore. Then, while shopping for a much-needed refrigerator, Charlie and Kirsten's disagreement boils over. As a result of their attempts to please one another, the Salingers end up with two refrigerators. Though Julia apologizes, she finds Libby in no mood to forgive. And, upon seeing Justin again, she begins having reservations about their relationship. Having made up his mind that they should stop seeing each other, Bailey is persuaded by Jill not to abandon her as she promises to quit using drugs. Finally, hoping to sooth Claudia's nerves, Charlie and Julia promise to take the threat of earthquakes more seriously.


As aftershocks rock their home, Bailey discovers Jill is using drugs; Charlie regrets accepting a loan from Kirsten; and Julia comes between Libby and her boyfriend.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Ann Lewis Hamilton & Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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