[Party of Five]

it's not easy being green

Relationship frustrations abound in the Salinger family. Julia is uncomfortable being paired with Justin for drivers's education, while Bailey's new girlfriend is coming between him and Will. Yet, while discussing who they're each interested in these days, neither Julia nor Libby is aware that they are both talking about Justin. And, after Bailey sticks Will with a pair of concert tickets at the last minute, they are offered a stolen copy of an important chemistry exam by Jill. Meanwhile, when Artie is asked to star in their school play instead of her, Claudia concludes that it's only because he's a boy.

Already feeling threatened by Kirsten's handsome new dissertation advisor, Charlie's suspicions increase when he discovers they were at the movies instead of working. Though apologizing for jumping to conclusions, he explodes when Kirsten and Ben attend a faculty dinner party together. Julia soon learns that she and Libby are after the same boy. Unaware that she wants to use it as an opportunity to get a date, Justin offers to give Julia driving lessons himself. Meanwhile, after she makes him stand outside in the rain, Artie takes ill and forces Claudia into the play's starring role.

At the same time Charlie is offering a flirtatious new waitress a ride home after work, Kirsten is warning Ben against pursuing a romantic relationship. Confronted about the waitress, Charlie insists that nothing happened and storms off. Though Kirsten wisely takes on a new advisor, she insists that Charlie agree on how to deal with the temptation of other relationships. Guilty over how she got the part, Claudia tries to make herself sick in return. But, when Artie admits that his being chosen wasn't as innocent as he claimed, he encourages her to take the stage in his absence. Finally, after Julia declines Libby's offer to double date with her and Justin, Bailey tells Jill that she's come between him and his best friend.


The Salingers each face problems with their friends and lovers.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Susannah Grant

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